Nov 07

What Kind Of Costs Should You Expect For Data Recovery Services?

Labs like this keep hard drive components safe.

Labs like this keep hard drive components safe.

It is definitely frustrating when you have exerted a great deal of effort just to create a file or document and discover that they are all gone in one harsh blow. There are number of reasons you can experience data loss and one of them is virus infection. Although there are applications that can help you discover the files that have been lost, failure to use them appropriately can actually do more harm than good. This is why it is better to hire a data recovery specialist to do the job. Part of checking the company’s qualification is ensuring that you are also well-aware of the data recovery services costs.

You can to keep in mind that these costs can make a dent in your pocket. This is why you have to prepare for it as the company of your choice may advise you to repair your hard drive so you will no longer experience problems and get your data back. A series of tests will be performed to find out where the problem lies. Once the root cause of the problem is detected, you will be informed of the next step you need to take in order to resolve the problem. Understand that hard drive recovery costs and pricing may vary (as noted here), but are usually quite affordable. Data recovery service companies are there to help you, after all.

How to Determine the Signs of a Hard Drive Crash?

One way that you can prevent a hard drive crash, is to pay close attention to the warning signals. More likely than not, a hard drive crash takes place when you ignore some obvious signs that your hard drive is not working perfectly fine. It is really important that you have an idea how to identify red flags because this can save both time and money. You will know your hard drive is at risk of a crash when it is making strange noises. This can be due to motor failure. It is important that you act on this sign before it gets worse. There is a possibility of data loss if you do not fix the issue right away.

You are also at risk of a hard drive crash if your data disappears and you receive disk errors. If you are having trouble saving a file or retrieving it, this can be a serious problem. You should also be worried if your computer no longer recognizes your drive. This problem is usually due to logical failure. If your computer suddenly reboots or has blue screen, this may also be more prone to crashes. It needs to be taken seriously if you do not want to end up losing all the files or worse yet, encounter a drive crash.

Repair Your Hard Drive Like A Boss (Joking!)

There are a lot of ways to repair a broken hard drive. You can find a lot of “how to” articles on the Internet. But there are only a handful of people who can professionally handle the task. I can give you two reasons why. First, most computer users are not techie enough to even know why their screens are not showing anything. Secondly, even if they know that their hard drive is the problem, they are extremely careful not to mess it up further because they have precious files in it.

There are many ways to repair hard drive like a boss and here are some few tips. However, before trying anything first, make sure that there are no important files that could get lost. If there are, make sure that you will not cry over them if you should lose them. All right, if you are ready then let’s proceed. Most problems with hard drives occur when mechanical components get jammed inside. Your goal is to unjam it so it could work properly again. To do this, you can knock your hard drive on its side hard enough to loosen things up. (I joke. DON’T DO THAT) Give it a hard whack and you should be good to go. You can also do the drop technique. You can hold up your hard drive, not too high, though. You don’t want to damage other components. When you are holding it up in a comfortable height, drop it. It should shock the jammed components in place.

(The previous paragraph was all satire! Don’t drop your hard drive or hit it with a hammer! Take it to a professional!)

Oct 23

The Right Database Server Can Solve A Lot Of Problems

dbsvrMaking the decision to use a database server is often the easiest part of the rightsizing effort. The potential cost savings of moving from existing mini- or mainframe-based database applications to LAN-based solutions can be all the justification many organizations need.

Choosing the right database server, however, can be a painful process. Database servers are complex beasts that bristle with high-tech features, and evaluating them can Continue reading

Oct 07

Even Software Couldn’t Save OS/2

os2We’re going to see over the next few months what looks like a critical test of OS/2’s future prospects. No, I’m not talking about OS/2 2.1 — as important as that new release is — but rather, a test of the “gotta have native applications” theory.

Almost from its first days, part of the knock on OS/2 has been that it has lacked good apps.

Certainly it’s true that in the very beginning, there were some interesting Continue reading

Sep 05

Clinton’s Tech Policies Spurred The Tech Industry

ctpCrusaders for the Clinton administration’s technology policy saw their first signs of bad weather last week when they pitched the plan to the House of Representatives.

Members of a House technology committee voiced general support for the technology plan — potentially worth at least $15 billion in tax credits and grants to the computer industry — as described by Commerce Secretary Ronald Brown and other administration officials last week. Continue reading